Spring 2018 Conference – Program and Slides


From Theory To Practice

Conference Date: Saturday, May 12
Conference Location: Acadia University
Patterson Hall
24 University Ave
Wolfville, NS

The conference theme: From Theory to Practice

Is there a movement, or progression from one to the other? Couldn’t practice inform theory?  Or, does this theme cast a wide net and represent a range of ideas and everything in between?

However we look at it, this conference tapped into the collective training and experience of our membership to share what works, how it works, and why it works.

Click for the 2018 Spring Conference Program (HTML)

Presentation Slides

These are PDF files.  Click to view in browser. Right-click and choose “Save link as…” to download.

Assessment as and for Learning in Academic Writing – Corey Harvey, Paula Kristmanson and Chantal Lafargue

Exploring Tutela 3.0 PBLA Resources and Webinars – Diane Ramanathan
Diane explains that her presentation was a live demo, so this is a link to the Tutorial page on Tutela.

The Importance of Executive Function Skills and Writing – Amanda Marshall

Approaching Prepositions From the Right Angle – Gerry Russo

Growing a Technology Adoption Vision in the Desert – Darren Downing

Let’s Do It Again! The Importance of Routine in the Literacy Classroom – Laura MacKenzie and Julie MacDonald

Linguistic Purism – Charlene Rockwell

Accent and Communication: The S-LP’s Perspective – Michael Kiefte, Catherine Sweet, Bonita Squires

Roundtable Discussion Slides

Understanding the Learner in an English Language Classroom – Shazia Awan

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