DSC_0088TESL Nova Scotia Board of Directors

TESL NS 2023 Officers:

President:  Krista Royal

Vice President: Lauren McKenzie

Recording Secretary: Evelise Rabassa

Membership Secretary: Nicola Sattler

Treasurer: Sandra Powell

Communications Coordinator: Daniel Shaw

Members at Large: Marianne Stante, Benjamin Macleod, Sandra Borges, Rania Ghaly, Cong Chen, Karan Sethna, David Threadgold

Newsletter Editor: Daniel Shaw

Webmaster: Sharon Churchill

TESL NS Representative to TESL Canada: Nicola Sattler

By-laws and Financial Statements

The latest version of the TESL NS By-laws (2018) can be downloaded by here: By-laws for TESL NS (Nov 2018).pdf

The Memorandum of Association for TESL NS (2018) can be downloaded by clicking here: Memorandum of Association TESL NS (2018).pdf

TESL NS reports its financial status every year at its AGM and to both the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks and Revenue Canada’s Charities Directorate. These documents are public record and can be viewed upon submitting a request to

Past Presidents of TESL Nova Scotia:

2020-2021: Julie MacDonald
2018-2019: David Packer
2017: Kris Mitchell
2016: Mary Lou Harnish
2014-2015: Rory Leitch
2012-2014: Fe Leonor Baculi
2010-2012: Andy de Champlain
2009-2010: Julian Inglis
2007-2009: Ellen Pilon
2006-2007: Emily Amos
2004-2006: Sandee Thompson
2002-2004: Jayne Geldart
2000-2002: Norma MacSween
1998-2000: Sandra Heft
1997-1998: Betsy Kennedy
1996-1997: Kathy Burnett
1995-1996: Bernice Doucet-Pearce
1994-1995: Sherry Gardner
1993-1994: Jennifer Wallace
1992-1993: Gerry Mills
1990-1992: Margaret Page

Presidents of TESL Canada from TESL Nova Scotia:
2010-2011: Ellen Pilon
2002-2003: Maureen Sargent

Margaret Page Bequest:

In 1995 TESL Nova Scotia received a generous bequest from Margaret E. Page of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The bequest helped to fund the Plenary Speaker at each annual TESL NS Conference through 2018.