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TESL Canada Elections

TESL Canada Board Election, November 12 -14, 2014 All TESL Canada members (/ATESL/TESL ON/TEAL MB/TEAM MB/BC TEAL/TESL SK/TESL NS/TESL NB/TESL NL) are requested to kindly participate in the election in the following ways: To vote online for TESL Canada Board election, please go to Your member email is your username Click on Forgot your […]

Seeking TESL Canada Rep

TESL Nova Scotia is currently seeking a representative to TESL Canada. The TESL Canada Representative represents our provincial association within the national organization and serves on the Board of Directors of TESL Canada. As the Nova Scotia representative, you will be responsible for: attending at least one meeting of the TESL Canada Board a year, […]

TESL Canada Share

The TESL Canada 2012 Conference issue of SHARE is now available. SHARE is an annual publication that focuses on practical teaching ideas for the ESL classroom, classroom technology, reviews of ESL teaching and learning online and print resources, and opportunities across Canada for professional development. This is special conference issue was designed to share twelve […]

Videos from TESL Canada Conference 2012

Videos from TESL Canada Conference 2012 The video files from TESL Canada’s 2012 Conference are now available for review on the TESL Canada website.

TESL Canada Journal

The newest issue of TESL Canada Journal is now available online through this page.