Seeking TESL Canada Rep


TESL Nova Scotia is currently seeking a representative to TESL Canada.

The TESL Canada Representative represents our provincial association within the national organization and serves on the Board of Directors of TESL Canada. As the Nova Scotia representative, you will be responsible for:

  • attending at least one meeting of the TESL Canada Board a year, possibly out of province (expenses paid)
  • attending electronically, and/or voting by email on motions brought to interim Board meetings, usually 1 per month
  • possibly serving on standing committees (a list of committees may be found at,-policies-disclaimers/organizational-chart/ under the organizational chart)

You will serve as liaison between TESL Canada and TESL Nova Scotia, and in order to ensure good information flow, you will be part of regular monthly TESL Nova Scotia board meetings to report back on TESL Canada activities, to recruit help from TESL Nova Scotia in carrying out the work at the national level,  and to keep informed about provincial concerns and initiatives that we might want to bring to the national association’s attention.

If you are interested, please send an email to before August 30.

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