2021 Census Adult Education Kit

The 2021 Census Adult Education Kit has been developed for use in adult literacy and English- or French-as-a-second-language (ESL or FSL) classes across the country. All activities are classroom-ready.

The kit is designed to help respondents whose mother tongue is not English or French understand and complete the 2021 Census, to give them an opportunity to practise official language skills while learning about the benefits of the census, and to help them gain a new perspective on their community.

It contains four activities that provide opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The activities will help students become familiar with the Census of Population and gain an understanding of how the census works and how information obtained through the census is used.

Students will learn where to find information when they are completing the census questionnaire and will gain experience with important vocabulary.

Although these activities can be incorporated into classroom studies throughout the school year, the best time to incorporate the Adult Education Kit into your curriculum is early April 2021, right before the Census of Population and the Census of Agriculture are conducted.

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