2019 AGM: Proxy Voting

teslns-logo-web_colourDear Members,

Members voted at last year’s AGM to allow Proxy Voting.  Proxy voting means that members in good standing who are not able to attend the AGM can assign their vote to another member in good standing.  As the member attending checks in to the AGM, they declare that they are carrying the proxy for another member.  The secretary finds both names on the membership list and, by writing the name of the member who is not attending next to the member who is attending, the proxy has been assigned.  Each member gets a voting card.  In the case of proxy voting, members would receive their voting card and the card(s) for the member(s) for whom they carry the proxy.

Instructions for all members at the AGM

  1. Prior to the start time of the AGM, check in with the Secretary. Lunch is at 12:30 and the AGM will start at 1:00 p.m.
  2. If you are a carrying a proxy for another member, declare it, indicating who that member is.
  3. Collect your voting card and the card for the member for whom you are a proxy.
  4. When voting takes place, you raise your card and your proxy card according to your and the voting wishes of your proxy.
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