Fall 2018 Newsletter is out!

CaptureThe latest issue of the TESL NS newsletter is hot off the (digital) presses! Click here to download the newsletter!

This issue features the following contributions by members of the TESL NS community:

  • Executive Function and Writing: Can We Do More?, by Amanda Marshall
    • TESL NS President’s Report, David Packer
    • REFLECTION: Flippin’ My Work Life, by Sophie Paish
    • A First Step in Pronunciation Training, by Catherine Sweet and Michael Kiefte
    • Asessment as and for Learning in Academic Writing, by Chantal Lafargue, Paula Kristmanson, and Corey Harvey
    • ELT PROFILE: Ayesha Mushtaq, by Darlene MacInnis and Melissa Taylor
    • COLUMN: Shedding Light on Prepositions II, by Gerry Russo
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