TESL Canada

TESL Canada membership benefits: (from http://www.tesl.ca )

TESL Canada meets the professional needs of ESL educators across Canada in the
following ways:
TESL Canada Board
TESL Canada is a non-profit national federation that is governed by the TESL Canada
Board which consists of an elected Executive, 5 Elected Directors and one appointed
representative from each of the member provincial/territorial associations. The term of
office served by an appointed Director is at the discretion of his or her
provincial/territorial association. An appointed Director’s vote is equal to the vote cast by
an Elected Director or a member of the Executive. All appointed Directors are expected
to serve on one or more of the TESL Canada Committees and are encouraged to
consider running for elected office. The TESL Canada Board employs an Executive
Director who acts on its behalf and who currently works out of the TESL Canada Head
Office in Burnaby, British Columbia.

TESL Canada Journal
The online TESL Canada Journal is a refereed journal for ESL practitioners, teacher
educators, graduate students and researchers. The Journal Advisory Committee [JAC]
advises and supports the publication of the journal. The journal invites the submission of
unpublished manuscripts about the learning and teaching of official languages;
subsequent language teacher education; and the maintenance and development of
minority, heritage, or aboriginal languages. The journal includes both regular and special
theme editions and is published twice a year with the view to publish three issues per
year in the future.

TESL Canada Professional Development
The TESL Canada Conference is held in partnership and hosted with a provincial or
territorial association every 18 months. This conference provides a wide range of
opportunities for professional development in the form of plenaries, workshops,
symposia, and research papers for ESL practitioners, teacher educators, graduate
students, and researchers from Canada.

TESL Canada Teachers’ Resource Centre [TRC] was launched in September 2009
and includes online resources for ESL educators across Canada. It provides an
opportunity for TESL Canada members to access a wide range of online resources on
the TESL Canada website http://www.tesl.ca as well as the opportunity to contribute resources
by emailing trc@tesl.ca The TESL Canada TRC includes a wide range of online
teachers’ resources .
• Free On-line ESL Journal
• Online LINC/ELSA and CLB Teaching Resources
• Free Online Graphics for ESL Teachers
• Free Online ESL Teaching Resources contributed by TESL Canada members
• On-line Interactive Sites for Student Resources
• What’s New in the TESL Canada Journal?
• Upcoming TESL Events and Conferences
National Standards for Professional Certification and Teacher Training Program

TESL Canada administers national standards for professional certification for ESL
teachers and ESL teacher training program recognition. The TESL Canada standards for
professional certification and teacher training program recognition are known and
respected nationally and are currently used as the standard for professional certification
for employment by Languages Canada and provincial LINC and ELSA programs. The
Standards Advisory Committee advises the TESL Canada on standards the national
professional certification and teacher training program recognition. The Standards
Committee is also responsible for “Ethical Guidelines for English as a Second Language
Professionals” and the TESL Canada Professional Directory. The “Ethical Guidelines for
English as A Second Language Professionals” and the TESL Canada Professional
Directory are on the TESL Canada Website http://www.tesl.ca

TESL Canada Bulletin
The bi-annual TESL Canada Bulletin is an online publication which includes detailed
reports from the President, the Executive, the Committee Chairs, and the
Provincial/Territorial Representatives as well as detailed reports from all active
committee for example the Professional Development Committee, the TESL Canada
Journal Advisory, the Professional Standards Committee, the Finance Committee are
also included in the TESL Canada Bulletin

TESL Canada Educational Foundation
The TESL Canada Educational Foundation [TCEF] was established by TESL Canada
under the provisions of the Income Tax Act as a charitable foundation to fund, facilitate,
promote and support the advancement of the learning of English as an additional

TESL Canada Honourary Life Member Awards
The TESL Canada Honourary Life Member Award was established to honour
TESL Canada members who have made exemplary contributions to TESL in Canada.
TESL Canada Honourary Life Members have provided outstanding service over a period
of not less than 20 years. The Award honours those who have shown leadership in both
the workplace and the community in one or more of the following areas; academic,
vocational, sociocultural and linguistic instruction, cross cultural counseling, labour
market access training, citizenship training and multicultural liaison.