2017 Spring Conference



Conference Program and Schedule

Slides and handouts can be downloaded from the list below.

Empowering Literacy and Emergent Language Learners through Daily Classroom Activities

Nicki Kim and Vanessa Lent

Worth a Conversation: The Role of Language Counselling in Language Education

Erin McDonald and Darlene MacInnis

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Planner or Performer – A Look at Curriculum Design

Sarah Sampara

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Prepositional phrases: From the heart with pleasure for a better world!

Sandra Powell

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Roundtable: EAP. How teaching techniques in EAP classrooms prepare/ ill-prepare students for authentic university classes

Natalie Burgoyne

Roundtable: Semantic Theory. Does how we talk about ‘meaning’ in the classroom matter? How can we approach teaching ‘meaning’?

Kris Mitchell

Roundtable: Helping EAP students move from ‘Language Learners’ to ‘Language Users’. 

Jennifer MacDonald

Literacy and Low Level Learners: What are the unique EAL challenges? How do we support our learners *and* each other?

Setsu Kawahara

Sexism in ESL

Charlene Rockwell

Supporting our Students’ Writing Development with a Personal Touch

Sarah Devanney and Nick Veinot

Experience-based learning as a class

Anthony Caldwell

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Reading Early, Reading Often in the EAL Literacy Classroom

Arleigh Hood

TESOL 2.0 Convention: Highlights from the Largest Event in ESL

Tony Rusinak

Tips, tricks and techniques for bottom-up grammar instruction with a top-down goal

Kris Mitchell

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Conference Location

Saturday, May 13

Patterson Hall, Acadia University
24 University Avenue, Wolfville, NS

Click here for a map of where to park at Acadia University.


Wondering where to stay the night in Wolfville? Accommodations are available on campus. Click here for a special deal on accommodations for conference attendees.