2016 Fall Conference Program

Presentation Abstracts and Downloads

Keynote Address: Patrick Huang. LGBT Issues in the Adult ESL Classroom

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender topics raised in an adult ESL classroom, and an experienced, ‘out’ gay teacher’s response from a case study will be presented.  Findings, teaching implications and strategies for teachers and mentors will then be discussed.  Participants will also share further suggestions to suit their own practice.

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Keynote Address: Dr. Martha Crago. A Language Researcher’s Experiences at the 2016 UN Summit on Migrants and Refugees

This talk will encompass the area of refugees, migrants and language acquisition in Canada and beyond. First, Dr. Crago will give an overview on her experience at the UN Summit on Refugees and Migration, an event which had the aim of bringing countries together in a coordinated response to the global movement of peoples. She will then open a discussion on the highlights and  challenges of working with an adult refugee clientele learning English, and the research areas that pertain to adult refugees and language acquisition. Finally, she will detail the challenges of language acquisition for refugee children, and share some Canadian research focusing on the factors and trajectories for language learning in these populations of children.

Concurrent Sessions

Morning Sessions
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Afternoon Sessions
(Concurrent Sessions B)
“Scaffolding Academic Reading for a More Fluid Learning Experience” (Lecture)

Jody Shimoda
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“Teaching Conditionals (or Verb Tenses) with Cards” (Workshop)

Jessica Crabill

“Pronunciation: Thinking Outside the Ship-Sheep Box” (Workshop)

Sarah Sampara
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“Teaching the Taboo: How to Approach Unspoken Topics in an EAL Classroom” (Workshop)

Eric Levy & Natalie Burgoyne

“Cooperative and Blended Learning for Mainstreamed Newcomer Students” (Workshop)

Rima Majaess & Dayga Shariff

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“Mainstream or Literacy?” (Lecture)

Anthony Caldwell
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“The Synonym Trap: Synonyms make lousy definitions” (Workshop)

Kris Mitchell

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“Language and Immigration in Canada” (Lecture)

Tony Rusinak