2014 Fall Conference


TESL Nova Scotia’s annual Fall Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 24-25,  at Dalhousie University. This year’s conference will include a Friday night keynote and wine and cheese, and a full day on Saturday, including a keynote, workshops and presentations, a book fair and the TESL NS Annual General Meeting.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Li-Shih Huang
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Learning and Teaching Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Victoria
 Dr. Scott Roy Douglas
Assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
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Keynote: Let’s Break the Cycle of Non-transformative Reflection: Field-tested Tips on Implementing Critical Learner Reflection Keynote: The Puzzle of Additional Language Acquisition: Exploring Learner Insights into Additional Language Teaching and Learning

(email <scott.douglas@ubc.ca> for slides)

Conference Sessions and Slides

  • Field-tested Strategies for Teaching “Casual Talk” to L2 Learners and Helping Them Reduce Anxiety in L2 Speaking (Li-Shih Huang)
  • Evaluating tests using Bachman/Palmer model of test usefulness (Anne Mullen – click here for slides)
  • The Article Discussion Café: a Demonstration (Melissa Taylor – click here for slides)
  • The process of getting published for ELT authors and prospective ELT writers (Robert Doyle)
  • ELT Terminology 30-30 Pub Quiz (Tony Rusinak – click here for slides)
  • Corpus-based teaching: Self-Produced Vocabulary List Helps Students and Teachers Understand Real English    (Masatsugu Ono – click here for slides)
  • Strategies for teaching writing to pre-intermediate learners (Muhammad Nawaz and Lydia Mans –click here for slides click here for handout)
  • Stereotypes in intercultural communication: breaking the barriers (Oksana Shkurska)
  • Incorporating graphic facilitation and recording skills in the EAL classroom (Jennifer Mizzi and Juliana Sherrif)
  • Building basic EAP skills (Rory Leitch)
  • Building the Listening Skills Tool Box for Students and Teachers (Elizabeth Perry – click here for slides)