Call for Proposals: Fall 2017 Conference

Fall 2017 Conference theme: Learning Spaces

Call for Submissions

Submission are now being accepted for the Spring conference, to be held on November 3-4 at Dalhousie University. Presenting at a conference is a professionally enriching experience–click here to read about why you should consider leading a session!

Session types

  1. Talk/Full Sessions: 45 minute presentation with 15 minutes Q&A (60 minutes total)

TESL NS is now accepting proposals for our full concurrent sessions for this year’s Fall Conference. We encourage everyone to consider submitting a proposal in any TESL related topic, and especially encourage those presentations connected to the theme this year, Learning Spaces.

  1. Mini-Presentations: Strictly 10 minutes or less. Q&A will be done at the end in a panel discussion format.

Do you have a great idea, but are not interested in a full 45 minute session? Would you like to get your first conference presentation experience?

TESL NS will be putting together concise and fast paced sessions which include a collection of presenters giving Mini-Presentations (10 minutes or less) within the 1 hour concurrent time slots.

These presenters will be expected to present consecutively under the general conference theme of Learning Spaces. Learning spaces can take many shapes and forms, and can be literal or figurative. Some example could be as follows: Motivating Mixed Level Classes, Promoting cooperative Learning Environments, Motivating Students to Write at Home, 5 Ways to Keep Staff on Track, Addressing Regional Variation in the ESL Classroom, Making Space for Professional Development etc.


-Presentations must abide by the 10 minute or less format, as time will be strictly moderated. So please time trial your presentations beforehand.

-Power points are not necessary, but are encouraged.

-Discussions during the 10 minute slots are discouraged.

  1. Call for Round Table Moderators: Anyone who is interested in moderating a pre-determined round table for this conference should enter their name via the form below. Moderators will not be expected to prepare materials. After the conference, the ideas generated from all Rounds Tables will be published and shared. Responsibilities will include:
  • Dividing Participants into Groups
  • Assigning Roles for Each Group: Recorders
  • Introducing the Topic
  • Setting Goals and Guidelines
  • Keeping Groups on Task
  • Consolidating Ideas/Solutions/Future Considerations etc.
  • Submitting to TESL NS


Submission guidelines

  • Proposals will be accepted via the on-line form below October 15.
  • For a full-session talk or mini-presentation, please submit the session title, abstract (max 150 words), summary (max 50 words) and bio(s) below.
  • If you would like to lead a round-table discussion, please submit your name only below.
  • All classrooms have a computer and data projector available, as well as chairs and table that can be moved for group work if need be.
  • A computer lab with 16 computers may be available upon request for workshops focusing on educational technology.
  • Submission should include a title (20 words), abstract (150 words) and bio(s) (50 words)
  • Submissions will be peer-reviewed by a sub-committee of the TESL NS board.
  • Address any questions regarding the conference to
  • Click here for information on the Fall conference or to register as an attendee.

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